Georgina Rodriguez opts for a Nicole Milano dress for her Sanremo tango

Georgina Rodriguez enchants the Ariston theatre with a dress designed for her

6 February 2020 - Sanremo Music Festival


Georgina Rodriguez dances on the Sanremo stage and illuminates the Ariston theatre wearing a made-to-measure dress created for her by Nicole Milano.


For Georgina Rodriguez’s tango, the creative team of the maison, under the artistic supervision of Creative Director Nicole Cavallo, created a tailor-made dress that mirrored Georgina's elegance and, at the same time, allowed complete freedom of movement during the dance.


The result is a sophisticated and glamorous look: the figure-hugging design of the stretch tulle and lace dress enhances Georgina’s silhouette, while the fringes sewn around the edges amplify the seductive movement of the dress during the tango.


The fabric embroidered with an all-over effect of black beads gives the dress a luminous three-dimensionality and makes Georgina Rodriguez resplendent with grace. This hand-sewn dress, which took more than 45 hours of work to create, is a stunning example of Nicole Milano’s sartorial excellence and attention to detail.

nicole milano


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