Your First Wedding Dress Appointment


Be One Step Closer To Your Dream Dress With This Checklist

Whether it’s been months in the planning or squeezed into your busy agenda, your first wedding dress appointment marks the first step on the road to your dream dress.

Are you prepared? Make sure your get the most out of the experience with this wedding dress appointment checklist.


Invite Your Guests

Whether it’s friends, family or both, you will need a handful of extra opinions when you go wedding dress shopping. But with guest numbers generally restricted, who to choose? Keep in mind that most wedding dress appointments last 1.5-2 hours and invite friends or family members that understand your personal style. If one of them is also a bridesmaid, she can practice bustling the dress.


Shoes and Accessories

Most brides purchase shoes and accessories after the dress. But some already know what they want to wear – be it a pair of dream heels tucked away in a drawer or ‘something borrowed’, such as an heirloom veil or necklace. If so, bring them along to see if they work with the dress. If not, no problem. While hemlines are generally adjusted on the second wedding dress appointment, bring a pair of shoes with a heel height that you are likely to wear on the day (it’s amazing how different heels alter the overall look of the dress) and ask your wedding consultant to show you different veil options while you there.


What about undergarments?

Bridal consultants suggest wearing nude colored lingerie to your first appointment in whatever style you feel the most comfortable in. While you’ll probably lash out on silky French versions for your wedding day, unless the cut varies greatly you will be able to catch annoying panty lines and bra straps on your first wedding dress appointment. Many wedding dresses these days are constructed with inbuilt shapewear. That said, if you habitually wear a tummy and thigh slimming garment, bring that along too.


negozio abito da sposa Nicolenegozio abito da sposa Nicole

first wedding dress appointment

A Wish List

Many brides these days are making virtual appointments with the store before their first wedding dress appointment. Why? Because it’s a way to save time, and give your bridal consultant a chance to put together a selection of styles (generally 5-7) for you before you come to the store. Otherwise, help her do her job by bringing along a visual wish list. (Pinterest is great for this!) You really won’t want to try every dress in the store! Having a clear(ish) idea of the style you are aiming for will save time and stress.


A Budget In Mind

Along with style preferences, you should have a clear idea of how much you want to spend. And while it’s easy to get carried away when you are surrounded by all those gorgeous gowns, think about the other expenses you are going to have in the coming months. Stick to what you afford – you will be surprised just how much is available in moderate price ranges!


And a positive attitude…

Feeling a little overwhelmed already? Don’t be. Shopping for your wedding dress is a magical experience, and reputable bridal stores are experts at making you feel relaxed, comfortable and gorgeous every step of the way!

Think of it as your time; a time to celebrate (and possibly explore) your personal style and inner beauty. Many brides describe the ‘chemistry’ that occurs when they find the right wedding dress – and who doesn’t want that?



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