Mermaid Cocktail Dresses

Are you looking for a sensual dress for an upcoming wedding, special occasion or New Year's Eve party? Here is a selection of mermaid cocktail dresses that are perfect for you! A whole selection of colors to choose from, everything from emerald green to midnight blue, you can also pick a sequin cocktail dresses to stand out like a real diva! Take full advantage of side slits sensuality and create a sensational and trendy chic look.

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    Mermaid party dress with V-neck

  2. NEDA

    Mermaid party dress

  3. NICEA

    Mermaid crepe party dress with V-neck

  4. NICLA

    Mermaid satin party dress with V-neck

  5. NAHIA

    Mermaid party dress with V-neck front and back

  6. NUMA

    Mermaid party dress with long sleeves


    Mermaid crepe party dress

  8. NILLA

    Mermaid party dress with sweetheart neckline and strap sleeves

  9. NM22251

    Mermaid party dress with V-neck

  10. NM22249

    Mermaid party dress with halter neck

  11. NM22236

    Mermaid party dress with asymmetrical neckline

  12. NM22201

    Mermaid crepe party dress

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