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How To Choose A Wedding Dress Veil

You have the dress, the shoes, even the earrings you plan to wear with your dream dress. But what about the wedding veil?

It’s often presumed that all bridal veils are more or less the same, which why brides often leave the decision to the last minute.

But firstly, what is a veil? The tradition of wearing a wedding dress veil goes back millennial, and is celebrated in many different cultures.

Historically of course a veil was used to cover the bride’s face before she was ‘presented’ to her husband.

While many brides still choose to honor this tradition – and a double layer wedding veil is best for that if you do – a bridal veil is now thought of as a bridal accessory; an integral part of your total wedding look.

Of course it’s also ok not to wear a wedding veil, perhaps instead opting for a wedding tiara or beautiful hair accessory.

But if you do, there are a few basic rules to follow. 

Consider Embellishment On Your Bridal Veil

A full, or ‘cathedral’ length wedding veil will look fantastic with any full-length wedding dress, whether you choose a sensual mermaid, romantic princess style, or anything in between.

The most important thing to consider is embellishment. A heavily embroidered veil may be overkill if your dress already features a lot of lace.

On the other hand, if your dress is sleeveless or backless, it can work perfectly, covering your shoulders and back in floral patterns. This is equally true if you have opted for a sleek minimal style, though perhaps instead consider a veil dotted with tiny, light-catching crystals to highlight the modernity of the dress.

Il tuo velo da sposaIl tuo velo da sposa

Your wedding veil

Fashion Forward Bridal Veils

Another fashion-forward option is to swap a wedding veil for a wedding cape. A feature on the bridal catwalks, wedding capes are, like veils, made or transparent tulle or organza.  Also like a veil, they add volume and an extra layer, but don’t cover the face, creating a contemporary look for the modern bride.

Short and simple wedding dresses are trending – thanks to a rise in intimate celebrations and civil wedding ceremonies. For short dresses, a short ‘fingertip’ (aka, ‘arm’s length’) veil is a chic choice. Or seek out a ‘birdcage’ or ‘blusher’ veil – a wrap of tulle or net that covers the head and face, and looks a bit like a fascinator.

cappe e boleri da sposacappe e boleri da sposa

Complete your look with capes and boleros

Vintage-Style Wedding Veils

Beautiful vintage veils are not difficult to come by and many brides love the idea of wearing ‘something ‘old’ on their wedding day.

Look in local antique shops of online platforms that sell vintage clothing. Perhaps you have even inherited one from your mother or grandmother.

Many old-fashioned bridal veils are ‘mantilla’ style – which simply means ‘shawl’ in Spanish.

Simple, elegant, and often hand embroidered, this type of wedding dress veil is making a comeback, as it frames the face beautifully and works well with minimalist wedding dress styles.

If you are lucky enough to have one, take it with you when you go wedding dress shopping.

If not, let your bridal consultant guide you on the best wedding veil to create your total wedding look.

Velo da sposa vintageVelo da sposa vintage


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