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  1. backless-wedding-gown-nicole-milano

    The Back Is Back!

    Focus on your backline instead for sensual look on your wedding day!

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  2. new-collection-wedding-dresses-capsule-collection-luxury-dream

    The countdown begins: discover the New Luxury Dream Capsule Collection!

    È iniziato il countdown per scoprire la nuova Luxury Dream Capsule Collection! Scopri alcune anteprime, in esclusiva per te!

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  3. nicole-milano-perfect-wedding-dress

    The Nicole Milano Quick Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

    Choosing your perfect wedding dress is one of the most important decisions of your life. And like all decisions, there are various factors to consider.

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  4. new-collection-wedding-dresses-origin-of-love

    Fall brides: Discover the latest trends!

    The most romantic brides tend to choose fall, that wonderful season when nature changes colors and the breezes turn cool, to say “I do.”

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  5. eco-wedding-dresses

    WeDoEco: the first collection of sustainable and eco-friendly wedding dresses

    WeDoEco is the first 100% sustainable wedding dress collection: the dresses reinterpret Nicole Milano's romanticism using eco-friendly fabrics and precious applications made of recycled materials.

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  6. nicole-bridesmaid-collection

    Nicole Bridesmaid: the first collection of wedding dresses dedicated to your bridesmaids

    Discover these fabulous light chiffon dresses are perfectly matched and will make your bridesmaids feel unique and special, giving each one the possibility to wear a silhouette that enhances their shape!

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