The countdown begins: discover the New Luxury Dream Capsule Collection!


Discover the New Luxury Dream Capsule Collection!

Are you a bride-to-be looking for a regal and princely dress to shine on your wedding day? The New Luxury Dream Capsule Collection is perfect for you! Stay up to date and be surprised by this new proposal of precious styles embroidered with lace and glitter tulle... simply a dream!

The preciuos light of Luxury Dream Capsule Collection

Soon online you will be able to fall in love with the New Luxury Dream Capsule Collection! A fabulous proposal consisting of 16 unique models.

The dresses are a romantic tribute to femininity and to brides who dream of dresses full of sparkling beads, luminous shimmers and exclusive volumes.

Celebrating a return to purest romanticism, this bridal capsule reinvents the maison's iconic details, such as sweeping, dramatic ball gowns, hyper-sensual mermaids sublimated by daring necklines and precious embroidery.

Style AQUARIUS: for the queen within you!

Style AURIGA: the refinement of the embroidery and the glitter tulle will make you shine

Style DORADO: If you dream of a precious and timeless wedding dress!

Style PHOENIX: A sensual mermaid sublimated by shimmering glitter tulle and embroidered petals

Style CARINA: the wide skirt of glitter tulle and the romantic lace ramage will make you feel like a real princess!

We will soon unveil the entire Capsule Collection... We know you can't wait! Stay tuned and... be surprised! 

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