The magic of the white dress: Eleonora Petrella wears the elegance of Nicole Milano!

by Editorial Staff

Eleonora Petrella is the beloved beauty advice youtuber and "fulltime lifestyle lover" as she likes to define herself. The radiant smile and the inevitable purple hair are the distinctive traits of a girl with an explosive soul who remains true to herself on every occasion. With the precious help and indispensable advice of Nicole Cavallo, Eleonora has found the dress of her dreams << Eleonora has chosen a dress that reflects her gritty soul, moreover the tight line of this dress perfectly enhances its physicality.> >

The dress is a beautiful mermaid line with very fine shoulder straps and a romantic sweetheart neckline. The bright sequins and the very fine beads that dress the dress embellish the dress illuminate the beauty of Eleonora << What makes this dress unique is the way it transforms itself to adapt with class to the various moments of the day >> tells Nicole Cavallo < <For the ceremony I advised her to add a voluminous overskirt of ivory tulle, so as to amplify the line and walk the aisle with a touch of extra romanticism: and this never fails in Nicole Milano clothes >>

The change of dress is a short model with a glitter-studded bodice and a voluminous short tulle skirt, the perfect solution for those who want to dance all night!

The bridesmaids of Eleonora Petrella are coordinated in beautiful dresses from the Nicole Moments collection << The bridesmaids have chosen the most refined dresses in the shades of powder pink and gray powder that match perfectly. The silhouettes of the dresses enhance the uniqueness of the girls, respecting the shapes of each of them. As in the case of the two dresses worn by pregnant bridesmaids, who have opted for a fabulous neckline >>.

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